Understanding Grace

Grace.  A beautiful word isn’t it?   I remember as a little girl I would often hear my pastor define this word.  He would say, “Grace is unmerited favor”.  More specifically he was referring to God’s unmerited favor.  But I don’t think I really grasped the full meaning of what he was saying.  Even now, can any of us really comprehend how God could show favor to us, the undeserving disobedient followers that we are?  And yet, He does.

You can almost read the mind of the songwriter who writes a beautiful song about grace but adds an adjective that so perfectly describes this grace.  He calls it, “amazing”, and that it is.

This “amazing grace” is never so evident to us as when we see ourselves in comparison to our almighty creator.   We look at Him, see what He has made and what He has done, and eventually grow in our understanding of His attributes.  Then we see how truly amazing it is that He would grant us favor.

Today, I will think on the grace so amazing and see it, and I mean really see it for just that. I will see each moment and each blessing given in this day as a gift.  I will see these gifts for what they really are.  God’s deliberate and amazing grace being poured into each and every precious moment of my day.

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One Response to Understanding Grace

  1. Jason Reed says:

    Good material! It kind of goes back to that “fill in the blank” concept. ________ GRACE. “Amazing” “Sustaining” “Uplifting”…and my favorite “SAVING” grace.

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