Breathing in His Grace.

“Come thy fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy praise.”

I have always loved this song.  But just like many of the older hymns, I don’t always stop and meditate on the words.  But a newer version of this song came on the radio the other morning and the words touched me in a way they never had before.  We should be asking God for a fount of blessings on our lives.  But those blessings should always result in a heart of praise. I’m not always completely happy with the blessings He chooses for me so my heart definitely needs to be tuned to do so.

“Streams of mercy never ceasing, call for songs of loudest praise.”

I forget that sometimes.  I take his blessings and His gifts for granted and react with an attitude of ingratitude.  Bottom line is, every time I breathe in I am breathing in His grace. Therefore, every time I breathe out I should be breathing out His praise.  To do any less exposes my ungrateful heart.

But seeing, and I mean really choosing to see His blessings as gifts being unwrapped before my very eyes gets me a little closer to a heart that is consciously aware of all He gives.

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    Very good! Breathe in Ummmm mm, breathe out Ahhhhhhhh.

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